Sure Glide ® Premium Quality Treadmill Lubricant

Product Information

Directions for use:

Applying Sure Glide® directly from the bottle

Lift one edge of the running mat and starting from the top apply a 5cm long bead of Sure Glide®premium quality treadmill lubricant directly onto the base board.  Repeat on the other side.  Important: Do not apply Sure Glide®onto the top of the running surface.  For best results, get as close to the centre of the base board as possible.

Applying Sure Glide® with the applicator

The applicator may be used to apply lubricant to the centre of the base board. To use the applicator, carefully unscrew the lid and insert the applicator tip and squeeze the bulb to draw up the lubricant.  Gently slide the applicator under the belt and squeeze the bulb as you withdraw the applicator in order to draw a bead of Sure Glide® from the centre of the belt outwards. Repeat on the other side.

After applying Sure Glide®, operate the treadmill on low speed for at least 15 seconds to distribute the lubricant evenly.  Repeat regularly for best performance.

Application frequency: At least weekly for commercial use; at least monthly for domestic use.

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