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Your treadmill is a major investment and deserves the best protection you can offer.

Sure Glide® premium quality treadmill lubricant provides ideal protection for your treadmill.

Your treadmill will enjoy longer life and smoother operation with Sure Glide® Premium Quality Treadmill Lubricant.




Why should I lubricate my treadmill with Sure Glide®?


  1. Sure Glide® won’t damage your treadmill because it is 100% silicone oil. Many generic lubricants contain hydrocarbons, which can actually damage your treadmill
  2. Sure Glide® is cost effective.  One 50mL bottle lasts up to 12 months in domestic applications when used as directed
  3. Sure Glide® is odourless, colourless and non-toxic
  4. Sure Glide® is specifically formulated for treadmills and is easy to use